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campaign. who is lining up to tell the world how much they love oakland. >>> good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm dana king. we are getting our first look at surveillance photos of two men accused of going on a lethal crime spree in the south bay. one of them was caught, but the man hunt continues tonight for a suspected murderer. cbs 5 reporter talked to the victim's father. >> reporter: his dad said that he saw this man, jonathan wilbanks and another suspect running towards him wearing a mask holding a gun. he ran back to his car with his friend and tried to start the engine to get away. >> the gunman tried to open the door and couldn't get the door open so he stepped back and shot into the car. that's my understanding from the young man with him. he said that rory looked at him and said his name. then he just died. >> reporter: it was a part of the violent crime spree that started with four armed robberies within an hour on friday night. after trying to carjack and murdering the football star, police say that the gunman opened fire from an officer while he sat in this patrol car. the s
're here to stand up for -- i'm from san francisco. we're going to stand up for our brothers in oakland here. >> tonight the airport is operating normally but union members and supporters say they'll be at the port of oakland at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning to picket there. and that may cause some disruptions. >>> when i say the word oakland, what comes to mind? well, cbs 5 reporter chris shows us how a famous hometown rapper wants to fix what some consider the city's image problem. >> in the wake of another homicide in oakland. you've heard the stories. oaklanders know them all by heart. >> a lot of the violence, the gang stuff. some of the drug wars. >> when i tell my friends who don't know anything about it that i live in oakland they think of guns. >> a lot of the perceptions are just that. and when people come experience it they're fans for life. >> that's the point of a new campaign by visit oakland meant to headlight what's great about this city. the slogan, well the writing is on the wall. >> oak land, to know it is to love it. >> the city with a bad reputation in a good light. >>
[chanting] >>> striking port of oakland workers are promising to shut down the port of oakland and we'll see if they've been successful. that's one of the top stories ahead. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. but we begin with breaking news out of marin county where a small plane has crashed in the san rafael marsh. it happened near the smith ranch airport off highway 101 and smith ranch road near the mcginnis golf club. san rafael police say a pilot was the only person on board when the accident happened and he managed to get himself out of the plane and call 911. police say it sounds as though the plane may have slid off the runway into the marsh and that the pilot may have suffered minor injuries. we have a ktvu news crew on way to the scene and we'll continue to follow the story for you. >>> workers at the port of oakland are on strike today. christien kafton joins us live to explain why and how it is impacting business there. >> reporter: good afternoon. take a look. you can see that the workers are here at one of the entrances to the port. now, we understand that word is
was written down. >>> on breaking news, the westbound direction of 580 in oakland is a mess. all westbound lanes were closed for more than two hours. the chp began to reopen all lanes about 10 minutes ago. and all of this because of a shoot-out. there were two abandoned cars riddled with bullets near an exit. police think whoever was in them ran off. of course, we have traffic conditions 24/7 at >>> and then about a mile away, police were on the scene of another shooting in the neighborhood on seminary avenue at hilton street in oakland. police say a man was shot about 90 minutes ago and at this point we don't know if the two incidents are related. >>> and cbs 5 reporter christin ayers spent tonight in an oakland neighborhood and we've agreed not to reveal exactly which neighborhood except to say it's in oakland hills. the people there have come up with quite the crime-fighting tool and they don't want the bad guys to know about it. >> reporter: from the warning signs in this neighborhood to the security cameras, the message to would-be burglars is clear. you are being w
in oakland. this video was shot on lakeshore avenue just about an hour ago as the storm moved through. we have live team coverage for you tonight. mark has been tracking this latest sim em all day for us but we first go to jade hernandez live in castro valley. >> reporter: it has been raining steadily for quite sometime. minutes ago there was a downpour and it tapered off. we are along stanton avenue and you can see traffic [ inaudible ]. we are been driving all over. why don't you take a look at this. we've been finding pockets of rain coming down pretty hard. [ inaudible ] >> this weather is real slow. >> it can't be real bad. you can come over here and watch the rain and hang out the fellas and get your hair cut. it is all good. >> these are pictures that we took earlier in the day in a soggy san rafael as you can see here. we'll have much more on this rainy weather when we check in with our meteorologist mark. >>> despite the rainy weather, holiday travel and people flying in and out of airports are experiencing minor delays. oakland and san jose have gate holds or arrival delays of 1
at the hostess bakery in oakland. >> reporter: signs are up, these people are still standing. they are fired for warmth and their value still burns. >> i'm just fighting for my rights. and don't take away what i got. >> reporter: hostess products will soon become a novelty. customers will be able to preserve some of its sweetness, but the company's 18,000 workers won't. >> devastating. you know, we have members here that have been here for a long time. >> reporter: the household name bakery called it quits this morning. reps say they couldn't keep up with demand after a nationwide strike crippled production. >> we believe in hostess. we have hostess had a bright future. unfortunately it's not working out that way and there's a lot of sad people today. >> reporter: there were 70 employees here at colombo bakery and now former hostess distributor. workers here joined the national strike last week. now they are moving from the picket lines to the unemployment lines with the holidays just around the corner. >> they take it off one time and one more time and maybe they keep doing all the time and
>>> it is happening tonight in oakland where a search and rescue operation has now turned into something much more grim. good evening, everyone. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. tonight a man who fell into a quarry full of water is presumed dead. it is happening near the rock ridge shopping center. john alsto in is there live with the latest latest on this. >> reporter: they are suiting up and getting ready to go into the water. they will be going in to begin the first underwater look at possibly finding this gentleman. it is not far from where this accident happened. if you look over here there is a tall cliff that goes right into the quarry about a hundred feet above the water. those homes are up near the montgomery street side, and that is where the man apparently fell earlier this evening. we have video from a short time ago. this started at about 7:15. the man was apparently looking for his cat and flipped off that -- sliped off the cliff into the ravine where the water is filling the quarry. his friend found a flashlight, but did not find him. initially he tho
found the body of a man who fell to his death at the oakland quarry. alex savidge is live at the scene where the investigation is under way. alex. >> reporter: it certainly appears the wet weather played a role in this accident. the oakland fire department believes this man in all likelihood slipped and fell off a steep cliff and ended up drowning in this water filled rock quarry that is right behind the rock ridge shopping center. investigators say the man was out looking for his lost cat last night behind his house when he lost his footing. a rescue team from the oakland fire department began to search just after 7:00 last night after the man's friend reported him missing. rescuers put a boat into the water and repelled down the side of the cliff. eventually the alameda county sheriffs dive team began an under water search here. just before 1:00 in the morning divers found the man's body at the bottom of this old quarry. one of those divers involved in last nights recovery talked to us about the technique the team used. >> we have something called a circle search. we put an anchor at
. >>> a strike by union workers is expanding at the port of oakland. they are planning to start picketing after targeting the oakland airport last night. now maintenance workers and custodial workers picketed outside terminal 1 and they say they have been working without a contract for 17 months. union officials are accusing them of withholding important information. they are facing a $1.3 billion outstanding debt and they want employees to start contributing to their retirement. they are hoping to minimize disruption for truckers and shippers as this union strike expands. >>> new this morning, people are concerned after a string of burglaries. live in gilroy with what specifically those thieves are targeting, here is more. >> reporter: good morning, maureen. there has been a recent rash of burglaries according to the dispatch and here is one of the antique stores that has been hit and since september, they are reporting at least four antique stores have been hit by burglars. in many cases jewelry, silver and clocks are reportedly being stolen. the police are investigating and putting graveyard
coming up on "timesaver traffic." >>> picket lines are up at the port of oakland. port workers started their one- day walkout last night at the oakland airport. they did not try to stop airport operations but they hope to stop work at the port today. >> we're going to show the port authority that we're serious, that we want a contract. we want to protect our worker benefits. it's a matter of worker solidarity. we're here to stand up for our -- i'm from san francisco. we are going to stand up for other brothers in oakland. >> maintenance staff and janitors went on strike because they have been without a contract for 16 months. and they have rejected management's latest offer. >>> nurses plan to go on strike at 10 bay area hospitals at 7:00 this morning. the walkout is planned for two days at eight sutter hospitals and for today only at two san jose hospitals run by hospital corporation of america. replacement nurses have been hired for five days. it will be the second nurses strike in the bay area this month. key issues include staffing levels and sick leave. >>> 4:31 now. a priest at a
. there in front of the entrance to this place to send a message to the port of oakland. the truck drivers and the background cannot go through at this time because they are afraid they may hit the workers which is why they're out in front. they cannot pick up or dry drop off their lows and that could impact holiday shopping. whether and not these items will make it to the store shelves. and joining me is that had of the s e i you is the vice president. those watching might be wondering well little johnny get his way is and what other people be able to get their holiday deal or shopping going on? >> it is not our intent to keep little johnny from getting his christmas present. we certainly hope that he does. we do want to say that our workers here want to be able to give their little johnny and their little susie christmas presents to. with the mounting takeaways of the board has put on the table from the beginning of nose against negotiations more than 16 months ago, we would certainly like to be able to get our christmas for our children as well. >> having that being said will you allow
. the oakland police department has asked the -- california highway patrol for help. >> reporter: following the briefing at chp headquarters, officers headed to -- jumped in their patrol cars. >> we have been able to show a significant decrease for calls of service, the reporting of crimes, and incidents of criminal behavior on the minor and major level. >> reporter: more than a dozen officers will provide additional boots on the ground for an oakland police force in need of more officers. they will work in their own cars in designated areas throughout the city. >> these areas are designated by the command staff of the oakland police department personnel as they evaluate crime statistics within the city of oakland. >> reporter: officer sam morgan says his officers will respond to a variety of calls from burglaries to domestic battery. >> within the level and scope of our training and ability, handle the call or turn it over to the police department for them to handle. >> reporter: a timetable has not been set on how long this collaboration will last, but in the past, they have gone on for a
demanding an end to violence against men in the community. . >> reporter: this is oakland police headquarters, which got a visit from an angry crowd, demanding change. hundreds of people started outside of oakland city hall protesting police brutality. it was in name of 18-year-old allen, shot and killed by a police officers last may. >> opd has a systematic institutionalized problems they refuse to address and it's come to the point again beyond the point where they need to address the issues. >> reporter: the family and supporters held similar rallies. they support from unions. one man suggested a general strike like one that happened during the occupy protest should happen in this case. >> those are the kinds of actions the labor movement needs to take to put an end to the police brutality. it's happening too often. the protesters marched around oakland. allen's mother led the way. prosecutors declined to file charges saying the officer fired in self defense. . >> it's not my job to agree or disagree but my job is to make sure the message can be head no matter what it might be
through north bay. between san francisco and oakland, alameda best rain south of the bay bridge. east bay hills just about to push into the san ramon valley. peninsula just along 280 into the west some of the heavier rain. rain on the increase for peninsula, east bay shore and south bay over the next hour or two. >>> rain is the issue this morning on the roads. this video taken by terry mcsweeney, on his way that work this morning lombard street, windshield wipers, rain that is going to be the case, including standing water and flooding in some areas that's the biggest problem we have. live look at golden gate bridge, wet, quiet out there, standing water high street on-ramp northbound 880 due to work there, flooding eastbound 580 past 150th on the right lane. >>> we'll be checking in often on the travel situation this morning. developing news, a man dead after apparently falling down a slippery hill into a water-filled rock quarry in oakland. crews began searching for the man 7:00 last night. they were told he may have fallen off the cliff behind his home while looking for his cat. his bo
's no significant health risk >>> oakland's airport and seaport could see picket lines tonight and tomorrow. members of the service employees international union say they have gone 16 months without a contract so they are going on strike. tomorrow the walkout will include the port of oakland. workers will picture for 24 hours. >>> bay area registered nurses are planning more strikes because of ongoing contract disputes with local hospitals. california nurses association plans to strike against hospitals run by sutter health and the hospital corporation of america. it will be the second strike this month. >>> new this morning, thousands of needy families in the south bay are getting help with their thanksgiving mills. sacred heart community service is handing out thanksgiving food boxes today to those who signed up for the meals. 4,000 families are in line for the assistance. >>> the need is greater than ever and we need your help to feed families for the holidays. cbs 5 is kicking off our annual "food for bay area families" holiday drive. if you want to give, go to or check o
in the port of oakland which is threatening to disrupt operations and workers are striking and picketing outside international airport where holiday travel is starting to get into full swing. let's go to christian captain. what is happening there in the port of oakland, i can see a lot of activity. >> yes, there is a lot of activity which picked up in the last hour and you can see union workers are picketing and they are marching in front of the gate and if you look to the right you can see the trucks and the truckers said they cannot make deliveries into the port and it has effectively brought work to a halt. the port has been negotiating in poor faith according to the union and workers here say shutting down the port is the only way to get their attention. >> we asked for specific information as i was saying earlier and that they feel months ago they had not gotten to since yesterday to my knowledge. >> we learned that this protest, this picket line is set to run through at least tonight, 9:30 tonight and we have continuing coverage here from the airport as well where there is also ano
, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00 straight up now. the port of oakland could be shut down today. >> cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is in alameda with more on that strike. elissa. >> reporter: good morning. we are here at the port of oakland, where workers are expected to be shuttled in throughout the morning to go on strike. now, this is day two of a strike that's targeting both the port and oakland international airport. they are both under the same management. now, workers with the service employees international union are upset over contract negotiations. they have been working without a contract for 16 months and talks have been dragging. the union says the port wants to cut wages and benefits to more than 200 workers. that includes janitors and maintenance workers. they also say port executives have been illegally withholding important information related to bargaining. >> we're going to show the port authority that we're serious, that we want a contract. we want to protect our workers' benefits. it's a matter of worker solidarity and we are here to stand up for -- i'm fr
news. >>> still ahead, chp rolls into action in oakland. a live report on how they will be helping the police force tonight. >>> police search for a couple stealing mail in broad daylight. >>> the california highway patrol is calling it its first night of lending a hand in oakland a big success. overnight chp joined oakland police in patrolling the city that has seen a spike in crime. >> reporter: oakland police happy to have chp officers on the streets with them to deal with the criminal element. opd has long said if you want to impact the crime rate in this city you have to get cooperation of the citizens. a short time ago, that made a big impact on some elementary schools. the chp helicopter is a serious attention-getter and it did that today at the health and safety fair. oakland pd brought out special vehicles, squad cars with cruisers like they were last night on the first night of oakland's operation impact. chp says it was a success. >> last night we had 11 to 12 arrests which included for driving under the influence, warrant arrests, stolen vehicle, drug vials, things of t
, chp rolls into action in oakland. a live report on how they will be helping the police force tonight. >>> police search for a couple stealing mail in broad daylight. >>> the california highway patrol is calling it its first night of lending a hand in oakland a big success. overnight chp joined oakland police in patrolling the city that has seen a spike in crime. >> reporter: oakland police happy to have chp officers on the streets with them to deal with the criminal element. opd has long said if you want to impact the crime rate in this city you have to get cooperation of the citizens. a short time ago, that made a big impact on some elementary schools. the chp helicopter is a serious attention-getter and it did that today at the health and safety fair. oakland pd brought out special vehicles, squad cars with cruisers like they were last night on the first night of oakland's operation impact. chp says it was a success. >> last night we had 11 to 12 arrests which included for driving under the influence, warrant arrests, stolen vehicle, drug vials, things of that nature >> reporter: t
to move from oakland to san francisco into a 17,000- seat arena in time for the 2017 see on. but this project has its critics. some neighbors worry about noise, traffic and some also question the team's financial deal with the city that would give them a 13% return on the money they spend for infrastructure improvements. right now, the board's meeting here inside of city hall, they are expected to vote on the physical cam feasibility of the project. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. >>> at this hour, a group of nudists plan to stage what they call a nude-in as it san francisco -- in at san francisco's city hall. it's to ban public nudity instead of during festivals. the officials are expected to vote on this next week. currently, nudity is legal in some parts of san francisco as long as there's no lewd conduct. >>> we'll check back in with mark to find out when the weather will change here dramatic -- crash maticly -- dramatically. >>> more reaction from those who learned about a mistake where a vehicle was selling gas for -- where a gas station was selling ga
in years past. live in downtown san jose. >>> breaking news coming out of oakland where police have shut down the westbound lanes of 580 after a shooting. the freeway has been closed near edwards, and the chp has issued a sig-alert. oakland police are looking for two vehicles shooting at each other, but they don't have any victims. now police are also on the scene of another shooting on seminary avenue in oakland, which is about a mile away. no word if the two shootings are related. we will have the latest tonight at 11:00. >>> people living in the oakland hills are battling an increase in crime that the police simply cannot handle. so they are taking the offensive against the crooks targeting their neighborhood. they're going high-tech to do it. >> reporter: from the warning signs in this oakland hills neighborhood to the security cameras visible on porches, the message to burglars is clear: you are being watched. but the cameras you see are just the tip of the iceberg. there are many more that you don't see. neighbors are taking their surveillance game to the next level. they've create
judge is suspending his decision until he gets a second opinion. >>> oakland police released a chilling cell phone video that could have caused a couple their lives. police say the husband and wife were driving on foothill boulevard yesterday when they started recording an erratic driver. you can see here a man in the other car pointing a gun right at the couple. the couple called 911 and drove off the gunman followed them. one man even got into their car and demanded they hand over their phone. after a struggle and shots fired, the couple got away unharmed. police later arrested james crosby and michael meadows. >>> milpitas police say they have a major clue in their search for a gunman who fired at an officer today. this is the stolen silver honda accord that police say that gunman was driving. a milpitas officer pulled the driver over for a traffic violation just before 2:00 this morning. the driver opened fire but the officer was not hit. the gunman got away. >>> the district attorney's office charged a 15-year-old boy as an adult in connection with a fatal shooting. as well as inj
in oakland or san jose international airport. but it never hurts to call ahead. check to see if you're flying out or picking up someone tonight. >> when there is heavy rain we hear complaints about water backing up in the mission district. today, city workers broug in sandbags, to protect businesses and homes. the neighborhood is a former lagoon. rain water just runs down from neighborhoods and pools there. we talked with one person who says this is great. >> people get between seven to 10. and there is maybe a front door but when have you loading dock as cross the street which is a restaurant that is all open across. that goes three feet below street level. they need 35 dags -- 35 bags. >> the city has a plan owe keep the mission from flooding going forward. the rain is a problem in daily city. work crews trying to shore up a hillside that crumbled after a rupture. it let loose what,000 gallons of water and just unleashed a huge mudslide. crews have been out there replacing the soil that shifted. the hillside must be shored up. what is job one. >> the california emergency management agency r
, growing concern about safety in oakland. tonight we hear from the parents of two teens killed over the weekend. >> and an outrageous jewelry store heist. the video police hope will track down the two guys responsible. >> and the secret plan to set off a nuclear bomb on the moon. plus -- >> i'm bill weir. dan, carolyn, coming up, the balls have bounced and the numbers drawn, but is there a winner in the biggest pay day of powerball history? our conversation with brad pitt >>> the murders of two teenagers in oakland is under scoring the fear that criminals are getting bolder by the day. tonight police officers offered advice to people living in the danger zone. abc7 news reporter leslie brinkley has that and the parents of both young victims. >> my daughter was not where she was supposed to be. i begged and pleaded with her to stay off the streets of oakland. she was supposed to be at a friend's house. you know, it is bad out there in oakland right now. >> 15-year-old raquel and her 16-year-old friend bobbie were gunned down here on this east oakland street corner early sunday mornin
the streets of oakland. this as the city's police department is dealing with increasing violence and a possible federal takeover. christie smith joins us live in oakland with more on how the joint patrols will actually work. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon and laura. you know this really got moving when a pastor here in oakland told governor jerry brown at a service here in oakland, hey, we really need some help on the streets. the governor made the commitment. oakland police have teamed up with the chp before, but they're doing it again, going to hit high-crime areas. this really comes at a time when the city of oakland could use some help. oakland is dealing with a 20% rise in major crimes this year and they have only got about 620 to 640 police officers on the streets right now. four years ago the total number of sworn officers was closer to 850. the chp and opd worked together before between 2007 and 2010, and during that time violent crime actually went down, but there just wasn't enough money to continue it. exactly how it's funded right now is
switches and wires suspicious clothing, no checked baggage. it all led to a security scare at oakland international airport. as mark sayre tells us, the fbi is taking it serious. >> reporter: they are in charge of the investigation and alameda county sheriff's deputies say there is no question that what they found is potentially very dangerous. the incident occurred here at the terminal 2 security checkpoint at the oakland international airport. authorities say 49-year-old jeffrey mcgann a 49-year-old resident of rancho palos verdes was trying to board a home to l.a.x. when attempted to pass through the security checkpoint with a suspicious watch. >> the watch had on it a toggle switch, a series of fuses, series of wires protruding from it, a circuit board, and the watch itself, which was on incorrect time. >> reporter: it wasn't just the watch that drew the attention of authorities. it was also mcgann's overall behavior and an unusual alteration to his boots. >> they also had what appeared to be a homemade cavity in there. and he was very evasive on everything that he was doing. >> r
of this major dispute in oakland. >> reporter: we're live at the oakland international airport where workers are on strike. we'll tell if you it is affecting holiday travel. >> reporter: city crews in pittsburg working to repair a broken water pipe that burst overnight. we'll tell you how long this work will take and how many neighbors will be without running water. >>> and major delays for caltrain because of an incident near the palo alto station. "mornings on 2" starts now. >>> well, good morning. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's tuesday, november 20th. >>> happening now -- a strike at the port of oakland is disrupting delivery operations. port workers have also walked off the job at oakland international airport. we have team coverage for you this morning. ktvu's christien kafton is at the port where workers are blocking some instances, but first we go to tara moriarty at the airport to find out if the strike is affecting holiday travel there. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. maximize the message. that's essentially what these workers are doing here at the termina
out at the port of oakland. a source tells us an internal audit of 200,000 to thousands of dollars are now implicated. omar left following our report that linked him to uh-huhston strip club. the maritime director james won he can sponged that bill. >>> -- ex-sponged that bill. >>> she said she was collecting for roselie house. she said it was a shelter for battered women but when our rita williams approached her, she packed up her lock box and ran away. >> do you feel bad that you are collecting under false pretences? if you are legitimate why are you running away in. >> they do not solicit money outside stores. further digging recruited one man where the donations are split with no money going to charity. >>> they say they would like to hear from anybody who has donated from this type director. you can find out how to terrify that a charity is tax exempt before you make a donation. >>> they are take steps to end courage -- encourage that. they can find out about stores and other attractions. it allow them to restore it and accounts have been counted on facebook and twitter. >>> s
.m., 200 workers are taking part in a strike at the port of oakland and the oakland international airport. workers walked off the job at 9:30 p.m. they are protesting what they claim are unfair labor practices. it is not expected to disrupt travel at the airport but port officials are concerned it could cause disruptions at the harbor. >>> thousandsthousands of nurses set to walk off the job tomorrow by the california nurses association. registered nurses at 8 hospitals operated by sutter hospitals and two san jose hospitals, hospital corporation of america, will go on strike at 7:00 a.m. they are upset about staffing, sick leave and other issues. the strike at sutter hospitals is planned for two days. the strike at the san jose hospital set for one day. the hospitals have hired replacements on a 5 day contract. officials say because of the contracts the striking nurses will not be allowed to return to work till sunday. >>> in a game that was supposed to feature two of the top ranked defenses in the nfl, the 49ers without alex smith, jumped all over the bears, winning 32-7. back up quarte
build. >>> a plan is in the works to make open streets safer. just in the past two hours, oakland leaders announced three things that will be done to get more cops on the streets. new at noon, paul chambers joins us with the new plan. good afternoon, paul. >>reporter: good afternoon. members of the city council rules and legislation committee talked about the plans that they say is needed to make the city of oakland a lot safer. there's a population of 400,000 people, but only 626 officers on the street. some of the things being proposed, oakland police are moving 20 officers to the streets, but before that they have to hire 20 civilians to take their place. they're also working on a contract that would let police patrol the streets and building an academy. >> our police officers will be able to respond much quicker and there will be a much more visible presence. >>reporter: these issues will go before council. n january for a vote. i'll continue to work on this story. coming up at 5, you'll hear from the police chief about the proposals. >>> we're back on storm watch this noontim
. stop open roll open topvo - blanca ---esta noche, las autoridades de oakland buscan a un hombre que posiblemente resbal de un precipicio y cay dentro de una cantera de 80 pies de profundidad. ---una persona que vive con la victima, alert a las autoridades cuando el hombre no regres a casa despues de salir a buscar a su gato y solo encontr su linterna. ---el hombre aun no ha sido localizado. blanca ---san francisco es una ciudad reconocida por sus excentricidad es... pitch - cesar ---pero esta tarde, y tras el aumento de quejas por parte de comerciantes y vecinos la junta de supervisores decidio poner fin al nudismo que hasta ahora se habia permitido en la mayor parte de la ciudad. ---pilar niÑo nos amplia.... 0:01 0:19 1:16 1:35 1:54 blanca --en palo alto una mujer permanece tras las rejas sospechosa de varios robos en la peninsula... take 2 box cesar -- gabriela dellan en vivo nos tiene la informacion... gaby --la investigacion comenzo el sabado cuando una persona reporto la desaparacion de dinero y joyas de su closet... --ella indico a las autoridades , que como de costumbre... l
lights light minor delay paying cash on both sides of the tolls. oakland east 980 at 580 first reports of stall blocking right lane, napa 121 at 29 overturned vehicle blocking a lane there as well. >>> >> 6:01. operation impact is underway in oakland which puts highway patrol officers on the streets to help out the short staffed oakland police department. terry mcsweeney is at the substation to tell us how the first night went. >> reporter: this is where chp officers reported for duty last night. it is having an impact, a number of arrests, several cars impounded by chp officers on the streets of oakland. when the officers reported at 7:00 last night it took 30 minutes before there was a violent crime. look at video of the grocery outlet on 2900 broadway a man with a gun robbed the place customers were inside at the time, a customer called in that crime that is what police are hoping for, a lot of cooperation from citizens. that crime happened one day after east oakland businessman wilbur bartley was shot and killed at his store marcus cellular the store named after his son, homicides
hospital around noon today. she was then air lifted to oakland where she underwent surgery. police took one man into custody for questioning but have not said what his relationship is to the child or if he is the suspected shooter. >>> police in oakland are investigating a shooting in the city's fruitvale neighborhood that wounded a man. the gunfire broke out at 1:00. the victim was stable and conscious when police took him to the hospital. >>> a man was stabbed last night during a bar fight in martinez. the 26-year-old man was stabbed in the arm during a brawl in front of ray's lounge. the assailant is described as a 6'tall man about 220 pounds. >>> the sheriff's office is still searching for a man who disappeared from a mental facility. kenneth morison was seen friday evening in downtown san mateo after leaving the mental center. >>> tonight there's no sign that a dispute is letting up between raley's and their union members. >> reporter: workers in walnut creek down to san jose and all across the state have walked off the job in the company's first strike. some people still shopped at th
for kelly takes over the streets of oakland to jeff pierce tells us about the crowd. oakland police- brutality. >> no justice! no peace. among hundreds of people marched through downtown oakland bringing voice to their claims of police brutality. the march and rally at oakland city hall was without violence and the arrests and while it was a peaceful demonstration it was not without a great voices from those who spoke to the crowd. >> we are here to tell you 0 pd bet we are not going away. you we are not afraid to stand up to you. you can keep murder and does the we will stand up and fight until we get justice for alan bluford. >> the family of 18 year-old hele--alan bluford is the latest high-profile death at the hands of oakland police have made his case a focal point. >> this test for my family out. this is something that is devastating for the family and as a community. it's hard but it's even harder when justice is not coming your way. >> alan is not here and we adjusted the six month anniversary of his death. >> this movement is going to take more of us coming together more of
. so fun. >> three people have been injured in two separate shootings in oakland last night. at about 9, officers respond to reports of a shooting to the 3000 to thehavesncout boulevard. there, they found two people suffering from gunshot wounds. both are expected to survive than about 30 minutes later, another victim arrived at a local hospital. it is unclear where the shooting occurred >> and the san jose a catholic pacific issued an apology saturday to parents and community members. more on that, coming up >> good morning and welcome back. >> 8:15. >> absolutely correct about that cold start. we do have some sunshine over the san mateo bridge that wet weather has passed our area but still some pop up lingering showers. to the of sunshine for the afternoon with high clouds and partly cloudy cool and dry for this evening. as we take a look at stormtracker 4. spotty showers for martinez, antioch but that will clear out pretty soon. taking a look at it that cold spot. 40's but we are starting to see things clear up already in the 50s in oakland and 47 degrees in sunnyva
in trading -- with italy's s f o. scott i can tell you that oakland and san jose are not experiencing any delays. however, at s f o it is quiet. but earlier, as the airport travelers were seeing plenty of canceled flights. it is the heart of the travel season at s f o and for some it has been a breeze. >> it is been excellent, going well and things are cool. >> according to aaa 1.2 million travelers are expected to go to the airport this holiday. that is up by 3%. however, to combine those with weather issues, that has put their holiday plans in jeopardy. >> we tolwere told that-it was going to be canceled and it might not be for another couple of days. >> at least two hours to portland, nebraska. >> with at least one hour to nebraska. >> now, we are getting moved from blind to blind. >> 60 minutes-90 minutes with the contained to east coast flights. travelers, despite are able to get home. >> home, family for thanksgiving. >> get to see the family and to spend a tiny. the traditional thanksgiving. the deal. >> if you are a traditional thanksgiving plans to take you through san francisco
visibility, dense fog advisory for the north bay, highway 101 into the east bay, oakland quarter of a mile visibility, 8th of a mile sfo, quarter mile mountain view, san jose good shape as well as east bay that could change. this will continue to limit visibility all throughout the coastline, next several hours, sun doesn't come up for another hour, going to be after the 8:00 hour into 9:00 when we see sunshine, when we do, more mild afternoon temperatures coast limited clearing around the bay, once again, mid and upper 60s, temperatures above normal today and inland less fog in the morning and a nice afternoon. sue what about the commute? >> so far, so good, very thick fog, good morning this is the -- you can't tell this is the san mateo bridge, just about 20 minutes ago we could see the fog has settled on to the span, very, very slow, traffic moving, but you should take it slow, it is thick in waves and you come up on it, so fast, limited visibility on all san francisco, all bay area bridges i should say, here is the bay bridge, metering lights just turned on, traffic beginning to back t
the streets of oakland. this happening as the city's police department deals with increasing violence and a possible federal takeover. christie smith is live in oakland with more on exactly how the joint patrols are going to work. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. this is a program that's been really successful in oakland before, putting chp officers on the streets to help patrol specifically in high crime areas. it comes at a time when the city of oakland could really use it. oakland is dealing with a 20% rise in major crimes this year and only have about 620 to 640 officers out there on the streets. four years ago that number was closer to 850. the chp and opd worked together before between 2007 and 2010. during that time violent crime went down, but there wasn't enough money to continue it. exactly how it's funded this time is still unclear, but the program is back because the community put pressure on governor brown. former mayor here in oakland and the pastor of a church made a plea. >> we've done these details. a definite decrease in calls for emergency ser
will arrive from the upper 40's to livermore getting into the 50s or concord and san carlos. oakland coming at 60 degrees. this is quite an impressive system it could bring anywhere from an half inch from an inch of rain to our north bay bally's.valleys. >> futurecast 4 at 7 a.m. light rain north of the golden gate bridge. this system will continue south by lunchtime it crosses the golden gate we could pick up light rain along the coast. we will continue to see on and off showers brought the rest of the day. the band of yellow indicates moderate to heavy rains starting to shift its way south. we have the potential for wet weather as the wake up tomorrow morning. the showers will start to taper off by wednesday afternoon. dry clear conditions and temperatures warmer. >> 64 in san francisco. 65 in fairfield. 66 expected in fremont. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows and looks to be a dry face giving day. we will continue with mostly sunny conditions for blacks friday and beyond. >> no hot spots in the traffic area overnight road work but nothing to slow you down. >> good at the a
. >>> new details, tonight. enough is enough in oakland. after the city's 108th homicide of the year, the governor is stepping in. tonight, the chp is helping patrol oakland. cheryl hurd joins us from oakland with the details tonight. >> reporter: well, raj, it will become a normal routine. but tonight for the first time in two years, chp officers came here to east oakland to hook up with oakland police to patrol the streets. it comes at a time when oakland really needs help. >> if someone could take his life or -- we don't even know what it was. it's crazy. we need to know. >> reporter: trying to make sense out of a senseless killing. >> my father was an amazing man. he did things he did not have to do. >> reporter: her father was shot and killed wednesday, during a robbery inside a store he owned. the community is in shock. >> he treat everybody good. the only thing i can think of him doing wrong, is being nice. >> reporter: one day after the killing, oakland police is getting help from the chp to stop the crime. >> we've got an increase in calls for emergency services, in violent
huskies this evening. >>> rumors of a fight or shooting at a high school in oakland sent police to that campus. oakley police say police were told to stay in the classrooms for about 30 minutes this northern while about 12 officers converged on campus. police determined there was no threat, and school resumed as normal. investigators stay the incident stemmed from fights earlier this week. a few officers did remain on campus as a precaution. >>> port of oakland workers gathered for protests today in part he because of refusal from an investigation that uncovered alleged misuse of public money. ali is live at oakland international airport with what the protestors are demanding. >> reporter: more than 100 port workers started the rally at terminal one, at the opposite end of the airport from where we're standing. and proceeded to walk across oakland airport, passes a lot of curious travelers along the way. at one point, port officials tried to stop the march by handing out the crease -- cease and dee says orders. -- desist orders. local 1020 union members say this rally was sparke
. they finally let her go in the oakland hills. >> san francisco police today announced the arrest of four men on child pornography charges. investigators say more than 100 officers from 23 agencies took part in the bust. police arrested four men in san francisco today. they are identified as 25-year- old alexis young wayne, jaime rodriguez, juan martinez and 28- year-old guillermo escandon. >>> omni berra is a candidate from the seventh district. he is leading by roughly 700 votes. he is attending as a potential new congressman. he is up against dan lundgren who is chairing that four day orientation. congressional district 15 will stretch from hayward to dublin and include parts of contra costa county when the districts are reconfigured in january. >>> cal state university has shelved a controversial steam and to encourage students to finish their degrees. now they say the proposal will be considered at a later date. students called the fee unfair because required classes are not always offered every term. governor brown attended today's meeting in long beach and thanked the trustees for back
up to clear lake. another round of rain crossing over the golden gate, heading over toward oakland. berkeley getting some heavy rain. conspicuously absent, all of the rain in the south bay, anywhere south of the san mateo bridge, you have seen zero rainfall over the past five hours. the weekend is kind of dicey. we'll talk about when the rain will let up over the next few minutes. if you want to track the radar, head to high deaf doppler is there for you, 24 hours a day. >>> juliette goodrich went to a pleasanton neighborhood tonight and she got an earful about this couple, a cop and his wife who live there. they are accused of trying to swindle an elderly woman on their street out of her nearly million-dollar estate. >> it makes me sad that people would prey on the elderly like that. and especially under the guise of being a police officer. >> reporter: upset and disturbed, this resident is talking about her neighborhood. former police commander, 36- year-old matthew messier, behind bars, charged with defrauding an 82-year-old woman who lived three doors down from him.
of the suspects. they drove the woman to atms and with drew cash before abandoning her in the oakland hills. >> happening now, a protest in downtown san francisco as palestinian supporters face-off against israeli supporters. ktvu's noelle walker is live there with more. >> reporter: 10 minutes ago it was so loud. right now the police moved the barricades back. the streets here is still closed but they are preparing to open it up. the protesters are now on the move. >> reporter: outside the consulate protesters on both sides faced off in dueling demonstrations. the conflict isn't playing out in the form of protests for her, she moved to israel last year. i spoke to her. >> this weekend i didn't leave my house. didn't want to go and be stuck in a situation i don't know what to do. >> reporter: rockets that are apart of daily life are now heard over head in the central part of israel. >> i first for the time heard a siren and experienced in real time what it is like to be under attack. >> that is us with the boat. >> reporter: trying to break the blockade of gaza. >> the people in palestinian
>>> it is happening in oakland where a running gunbattle shuts down 580. sky 7hd is live overhead right now. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. police found two abandoned cars with a number of bullet holes, but no victims. certainly been a busy night for oakland police in addition to the freeway shooting they also found a body on the ground at seemary and hilton. john alston is live near the scene of the shootout where some of the westbound lanes have just reopened. john? >> carolyn, the lanes reopened about 10 minutes ago. it is a good thing because tempers were starting to get the better part of some people who had been parked here in a dead stop for about two hours. sky 7hd is live over the scene where traffic is now squeezing by in two lanes near seminary drive and edwards. it was finally opened up, and now this began at about 8:40 tonight. it was a rolling gunbattle on 580 east involving two cars that ended in a crash near 580 west and seminary drive. two cars riddled with bullet holes. they ran away according to oakland police unknown if any of them are injured. no one
? oakland? the latest word we're getting is that there are no delays at san jose, oakland. >> that is great news, thank you, dan. who will check back with you at 6:00 p.m. the port of oakland is shut down because there are workers on strike. they have been striking. j. r. stone is live at the tonight? >> it is looking pretty good right now within the hour we have learned that both sides, the port officials in the union have been involved in involved in the port could be possibly reopening by 7:00 p.m. this evening you can see these people have been striking ahura. in the last 5 minutes, they really started to wrap this up. they are getting on these buses going back to the airport. and another area where they were picketing, rallying but isn't it looks like this is going to be back open at 7:00 p.m. let me show you some video of these long lines of trucks of the port of oakland. this is because it looks like-it is going to be open by 7:00 p.m.--with wage cuts and with the recent cuts about port executives using public funds for strippers, and golfing. they will probably lose $1,000 today but
dumping her and the car in the oakland hills. >> this doesn't happen here. >>> the woman told the police the suspects were named david and aubrey. police say they escaped in a smaller older darker colored pickup truck possibly a toyota with a loud muffler. >>> a pair of santa clara county jail nurses could end up behind bars themselves. they are accused of stealing inmates's prescription drugs. officials say when the two were arrested, they had some of the drugs in their possession. it's not clear if they were working together or alone. >>> an audit at the port of oakland has turned up to $800,000 in questionable expenses. that's according to a source who spoke with the "san francisco chronicle." executive director omar benjamin retired monday abruptly, amid scrutiny about travel and other expenses. >>> some naked people are likely to show up on the steps of san francisco city hall at noon today. a protest is planned against a proposed ban on nudity in the city. a lawyer says she plans to take the case to federal court. she wants to block san francisco supervisors from voting next tuesda
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